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Welcome to my portfolio. This portfolio represents the portion of my work that I bothered to take pictures of.

Most of my art is graphic in nature : lines, shapes, and type. I'm really good with a pen and not bad with a brush, Sculpture is very personal, so you decide how good I am there.

I also write static web pages, like this one. However, the bulk of my professional work involves the dynamic generation of web pages.

Serigraph. Christmas card, 2006
Serigraph. Christmas card, 2005
Serigraph. Christmas card, 2004
Serigraph. Christmas card, 2003
Serigraph. Christmas card, 2002
Serigraph. Dedicated to our friends lost on 9/11. Here's the sketch. First impression. Second. Third. (You are looking at the fourth.) If I sent you one of these, then backlight the card for the full effect. Christmas card, 2001
Serigraph. My friends affectionately call this the "Santa Death Scene" card. Oh well. He's supposed to be crouched down, putting presents under the tree. You decide. Christmas card, 2000
Serigraph and Watercolor. Plus a little hilighter. I printed the yellow, then used two highlighters, then printed the black. Christmas card, 1999
Serigraph. Now, this was a complicated card. You can't see in the thumbnail, but notice how I've developed the underprinting technique to simulate a reflection in the window. Btw, this is supposed to be the 1993 card from the other direction. Christmas card, 1998
Serigraph. Only two colors this time, but I used the layering technique to simulate three colors. My second son had just been born, so I was too busy to do a really complicated card. Here's the sketch. Christmas card, 1997
Serigraph. That's my son in the card. As you can see, I was really groovin' on being a daddy. Here's the sketch. Christmas card, 1996
Serigraph. These are my favorite cards. The shading on the red ball is due to intentional underprinting of another color. I've exploited this technique more in later cards. Christmas card, 1995
Serigraph. These cards were so late that they turned into New Year's cards. (See the "94" sailing away?) But they are Christmas cards in spirit, so I list them here. Christmas card, 1994
Serigraph. Unlike my other cards, I shamelessly stole this design from a card I saw at a department store. I changed the colors and added the cats. I did print them myself, though. Christmas card, 1993
Pen and Ink. I designed these cards and had them offset printed. If you look closely, you'll see our cat under the tree. She was like that. Christmas card, 1990
Calligraphy. Lettered with green, blue, and pearl gouache. The letter style is my own. Auguries of Innocence
Sculpture. Yes, that is really a waffle. I burned it in the waffle iron. It looked really cool, so I saved it. Then it broke. Then I glued it. Then I decided to dry the glue in the oven. Then I forgot it was in the oven. That's when it actually turned black. Waffle

Sculpture. Yes, really pancakes. And a lichen. And an agate. And a pentium. And a glass bead. I think I'll do french toast next.

Currently in the collection of Edward G. Lawson.

Logo Design. A very talented friend of mine asked me to design a logo for her. Here are my four sketches. Of course she picked the one at the top right, my least favorite. I liked the two at left the best. Logos for Deborah Benner
Pen and Ink. Deborah needed a nice picture that lent itself to being photocopied, so I drew this for her. Sketch of Deborah Benner
Logo Design. One of my computer science professors wanted a logo designed. He traded me some homebrew for my trouble. Logo for Josh Tenenberg
Layout and Design. While working as a screen printer at Able Sign, I designed their logo and laid out their letterhead, business cards, advertisements, and so on. Able Sign Business Card
Layout and Design. Wedding invitation for Jim and Beth Low. Jim's Wedding Invitation
Layout and Design. My wedding invitation. I also printed these, but I shouldn't have. I would have had them offset printed, but I ran out of time. Travis and Carolyn's Wedding Invitation
Serigraph and Watercolor. Birth announcement for John Michael Tiernan Low. Tiernan's Birth Announcement
Serigraph and Watercolor. Birth announcement for Griffin Tully Francis Low. Griffin's Birth Announcement
Calligraphy. New Year's postcards. Offset printed. New Year's Card
Pen and colored pencils. New Year's card. Never sent. =) New Year's Card
Pen and ink. New Year's card. Offset printed. New Year's Card
Calligraphy. New Year's card. Offset printed, then lightly shaded with colored pencils (shading not shown here). New Year's Card
Pen and ink. New Year's card. Offset printed. New Year's Card
Scene Painting. Ordinary latex paint, with some glow-in-the-dark paint. Tiernan wanted fish in his room, so I painted him an ocean. Tiernan's Room
Scene Painting. Mostly ordinary latex paint, with some glow-in-the-dark paint. Here's Tiernan, smiling for the camera. The jellyfish and sailboat are slight modifications of Tiernan's handiwork. Tiernan's Room
Scene/Sign Painting. I solid-coated and spattered the background to get the parchment effect, then I painted the letters. I laid out the whole 40-foot piece, but I only painted the "eople". That's my buddy Ted Koppel standing next to it. We the People
Vinyl on Plexiglass. This was loosely copied from a picture of an art-deco-era rug. I applied the vinyl to the plexi, used a pounce pattern to mark the shapes, then cut the shapes with a knife. Cabinet Front
Sculpture/Woodworking. I wanted a new table in my kitchen. I wanted it round, and I didn't want it to look clunky. I had the glass and the wood, so I made this table. Kitchen Table
Sculpture/Woodworking. The stair railings were boring, so I decided to tear them down and do something interesting. The inspiration was a picture of a stained-glass window I saw in a magazine. Here's a scale model I made to help me decide whether to do the project. Stairway Partition
Sculpture. I needed to do a seminar for our product line. The target audience was decidedly non-technical, so I built a bunch of models to convey the technical concepts. Click the image to see more of the models. Network Models

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